Queen's Platinum Jubilee in Williamsburg

Pipe Band Information and Resources

Here you will find up-to-date information about the Williamsburg, Virginia celebration of the

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, honoring an unprecedented 70 years on the throne in a special ceremony at W&M.

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About the Event

The Williamsburg Queen's Platinum Jubilee open to the public! We plan to have two pipe band events lead by Pipe Major Dan Lyden and Drum Major Bob Wiebe. The first is a massed band concert at 6pm on the Palace Green. The second is during the main Jubilee ceremony at 9:00pm in front of the historic Wren Building. The main Jubilee event will also feature speakers, other musical acts and the lighting of the beacons. 

Thank you for your help in making this a great event!
Please let us know what questions, feedback you have!


High-Level Agenda for the Band

Thursday, June 2nd - Event

  • 1pm | Community Building | Prep: Tune Run-through

  • 2pm | Governor's Palace | Prep: Marching + Formations​

  • 5:30pm | Palace Green | Massed Band Concert Prep

  • 6pm | Governor's Palace | Massed Band Concert

  • 7pm | Community Building | Dinner for Massed Band

  • 8:30pm | Tyler Hall | Prepare for Jubilee Ceremony

  • 9:00pm | Wren Building | Jubilee Ceremony

  • 10pm | Culture Cafe | Private After-Party (RSVP


  • "Concert" refers to the 6p concert at Governor's Palace 

  • "Ceremony" refers to the 9p ceremony at Wren Building


Detailed Agenda​​

Performance Logistics


Music for the Performance

General Information



Home Base | Community Building  |  Map
401 N Boundary St.

This will be the band's primary "home base" where we can relax, practice and have refreshments between events.

Concert | Governor's Palace |  Map
300 Palace Green St.
This where we will have our massed band concert at 6pm. 

We'll want to arrive at 5:30pm to tune up and prepare. 

There are benches directly in front of the Governor's Palace.

The area should be shaded by 6p when we have our performance..  

Optional Parking for Concert

The plan is to walk here from the Community Building, However, there is free parking at Matthew Whaley Elementary School on Scotland Street until 8:00pm. The Governor's Palace is about 100 yards from the school up a gravel path.

Ceremony Staging | Tyler Hall  |  Map

300 James Blair Dr.

This will be the band's staging area just before the Jubilee Ceremony. We'll meet there at around 8:30pm. It is about a 0.4 mile walk from the Community Building and located very close to the Wren Building. We will tun here just before the performance.

Ceremony | Wren Building  |  Map
111 Jamestown Rd 
This where we will have the Jubilee Ceremony at 9:30pm.

After-Party | Culture Cafe |  Map
747 Scotland St
This we'd love to celebrate with you after the Ceremony!

Please RSVP here so we can properly prepare. 

The Tunes



6pm Governor's Palace Concert

We will be playing all the tunes in the order listed above.

9pm Jubilee Ceremony

As part of a larger ceremony, we will be playing:

  • Diu Regnare

    • Dan plays solo once through before band comes in

      • Full band plays once through

      • Pipes strike-in on final low-A of last line of Diu Regnare​


  • God Save the Queen

  • God Bless America


Music Resources

Music for the Performance

⭐️  Performance Logistics

Diu Regnare Tutorials from Dan

Band Leadership

Pipe Major Dan Lyden

Dan is a full time piping instructor based in Baltimore, MD. He is also a professional solo piper, judge, Mid-Atlantic Branch Chair with the EUSPBA, former Pipe Major of the City of Washington Pipe Band.

On top of all that, he's a super awesome person!


Drum Major Bob Wiebe

Bob is the current Drum Major for the Jamestown Pipes and Drums out of Jamestown, NC. He spent 24 years as the Drum Major for the Clan Gordon Pipe Band of Tacoma, WA. He has completed several drum major workshops in Canada and the United States; twice with William Jordon, Drum Major of the 1st Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Competing in California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, he has placed well.


Jubilee Pipes & Drums

Williamsburg Pipes and Drums

  • Pipers

    • Lynn Newcomer

    • Jim Boyer

    • Meghan Hutchins

    • CJ Ortolano-Collins

    • Scott Swan

    • Evan Blinn

    • Lexey Donohue

    • Nora Iverson

    • Charles Perry

  • Drummers

    • Bill Yates (Bass)

    • Tim Cordle (Snare)

    • Hayden Stulen (Snare)

Rancocas Creek Pipe Band

  • Pipers

    • ​T.J. Shemeley


  • Pipers

    • ​Logan Kaern McGregor

    • Allen Workman

Jamestown Pipes and Drums

  • Pipers

    • Suzann Hedgecock

    • Patrick Weirs

    • Lee Hedgecock

    • Adam Moore

    • Bill Whitfield

  • Drummers

    • ​Martina Murphy (Tenor)

    • Cathleen McGarvey (Tenor)

Ceol Neamh Pipe Band

  • Pipers

    • ​Ruth Crawford-Fisher

    • Bruce Lazaroff

MacMillan Pipe Band

  • Pipers

    • ​Bob Lyman

Tidewater Pipes & Drums

  • Pipers

    • ​Jim Roberts

  • Drummers​

    • Christopher French (Snare)​

    • Marda French (Tenor)

City of Winchester Pipes and Drums

  • Pipers

    • Scott Hippensteel

    • Gene Schultz

    • John Taylor

    • Luke Boles

Greater Richmond Pipes and Drums

  • Pipers

    • Sandra Owens

    • Jeffrey Redmond

    • Shannon Pinto

Metro Richmond Police Emerald Society Pipes and Drums

  • Pipers

    • Jodie Warren

U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band

  • Pipers

    • ​Laura Neville

    • Jean Gould

    • Tim Carpenter

Organizers and Sponsors

Please direct your questions and feedback to: williamsburgpipesanddrums@gmail.com

Event Coordinator

Scott Swan

W&M Professor

Officer, Williamsburg Pipes and Drums

Massed Band Coordinator

Meghan Hutchins

President, Williamsburg Pipes and Drums

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  • City of Williamsburg

  • College of William & Mary​

  • Colonial Williamsburg

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