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We have pipers and drummers of various levels. Band members focus on the fundamentals of playing our instruments well and helping each other learn and grow. This is a super exciting time for us and we're just getting started!

The Williamsburg Pipes and Drums has been a part of the Williamsburg community since 1968. In the past it has been know as the St. Andrew’s of Williamsburg Pipe Band and the Strath James Pipe Band. In 2006 the band assumed the new name, Williamsburg Pipes & Drums.

We promote, teach, and perform Scottish music on the highland bagpipes and drums. Our environment is supportive and inclusive.


We play at public and private events around Williamsburg, Virginia. The band and individual pipers are for hire.


The official tartan is the Ancient Murray of Atholl tartan in honor of the departure of the last Royal Governor of the Colony of Virginia.


Our crest honors our Scots ancestors who immigrated to Virginia and led the way to independence.


Musical leadership is provided by Lynn Newcomer and Jim Boyer. Pipe instruction is given by Lynn Newcomer and Meghan Hutchins. Many of our students are members of Dojo University. Drumming tuition is by members of the drum line and other experts.


The band practices on Wednesday evenings at the Berkley Green Clubhouse.  If you are interested in joining drop by and sit in on a practice.  Student lessons are at 6pm to 7pm. and band rehearsal is from 7pm to 8pm.  If you have any questions or would like to join the band, contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.


To inquire about performances or hiring the band please send us a message!

Band Leadership

  • Pipe Major: Jim Ryan

  • Drum Sergeant: Andy McGowan

  • President: Meghan Hutchins

  • Vice President: Lexey Donohue

  • Secretary: Andy McGowan

  • Treasurer: Bill Yates

  • Quartermaster: Nick Willey

  • Member at Large: Jim Boyer

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